Weston Approach Ski Skins Precut 7

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Splitboard Precut 7

In the interest of continuing to break down barriers of entry to the backcountry, and offering the most seamless experience that we can, we have chosen to partner with Pomoca to launch an all new line of Mohair Mix pre-cut and custom cut skins. The skins will feature Pomoca’s Z-Hook attachment on the nose, and durable Weston Clips on the tail. Complete with our rallying “Go Forth & Slay Pow” tagline and a bright, safety red color to add utility in rescue situations in the backcountry.

*These skins are only compatible with 22/23 Weston gear and beyond. 

Universal OSFA Splitboard Skins = Ski Compatible as well! 

Our universal skins fit all of our skis as well. There's plenty of length even on the 186 Grizzly, and can be cut to anything shorter. Check The Skinny On Weston Skins for trimming tips and tricks.  

  • Pre-Cut Custom Fit | See size chart below to find your fit.
  • Skin Material | Mohair mix - great combination of glide, weight savings, and packability.
  • Weston Tail Clip | Durable metal clip works with the small notch built into all Weston splitboard tails to keep skins attached no matter the tail shape.
  • Fully Integrated Z-Hook Attachment | Small holes with plastic inserts are built into the core of Weston splitboard tips and specifically designed to work with Pomoca's Z-Hook.
  • Weight | 1.150g/m2 - This shows how much the skin weighs by area. A longer skin will weigh more since there’s more material.

Tech Specs 

  • GLIDE 235 kcal/h
    • This is a relative measurement of how much energy is required to push the skin forward for an hour. The lower the number, the better the skin glides.
  • GRIP 46 g/cm2
    • This measures how much weight a square cm can support. The higher the number, the more they grip. This is essentially saying that less material is required to support the same weight, so you need less skin to prevent you from slipping backward.
  • WEIGHT 1.150 g/m2
    • This shows how much the skin weighs by area. A longer skin will weigh more since there’s more material.
    • 248 g / skin @ 120 mm x 180 cm