Endeavor Patrol Legacy Splitboard 159 2021

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Tested and proven in the backcountry of British Columbia.

The Patrol is our flagship splitboard proven in the back country of British Colombia and worldwide. The Patrol's stiffer flex provides stability hiking up and a lively feel when riding down. The Channel ensures quick binding positioning adjustments and a simple switch between ride and hike modes. The Patrol Legacy is outfitted with our Phonon Pre-Tension Fibreglass topsheet, an innovation in snowboard construction that harnesses elastic energy through continuous lamination, supercharging the board’s ‘pop’. Construction is streamlined by combining carbon and fiberglass with resin, eliminating the need for the traditional plastic topsheet and UV Lacquer. The result is a super lightweight and powerfully reactive board built with less materials. 

Due to the unique manufacturing process of the Phonon Topsheet, subtle variations and imperfections in finish may occur which give these boards their unique character.