Ortovox Diract Voice Transceiver

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Speed up your search during an emergency when every second counts. The DIRACT VOICE is the world’s first avalanche transceiver that aids you with simple and precise voice instructions during every phase of the search. This advanced beacon hones in on the strongest signal and cuts out weak signals that can cause confusion. When sending signals, the antenna system senses the beacon’s orientation and switches to the optimal transmission position to give searchers the best coupling.

  • DIRACT VOICE integrated voice navigation guides you through every phase of the search
  • Both visual and audio support in fine search mode
  • Marking function allows first signal to be identified for rapid movement to the next in multiple burial scenarios
  • Durable, waterproof housing with rubberized grip zone
  • 360° real-time display is legible in bright light or darkness
  • Elastic hand strap and carrying case
  • Smart-Antenna-Technology ™ analyzes orientation and optimizes for increased range
  • Automatic partner/group test, frequency check and function test ensure your beacon is always functioning properly
  • Firmwear is upgradeable
  • Includes long-lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion battery that works at low temperatures
  • Built-in Recco Rescue System reflector allows ski patrol and mountain rescue teams to detect and locate Recco reflectors under snow